Way Back Wedding



Well, sort of….4 years ago our daughter Steph married the love of her life, Derek.  Technically this should be their 3rd wedding anniversary.   We were making plans for their wedding, one year in advance, with plenty of time to spare.  But then, while Jeff and I were on vacation in March of 2005, I got an email…..that changed everything.  The email said “Mom, we just want to get married now, its silly to wait a whole year…we are getting married on May 14 of this year in Niagara Falls.   Will you help me do this?”  They pulled it off, with just a little bit of help.  They are a happy couple now, busy busy with their lives.  Working, going to school, house, pets, etc, etc…..and most importantly….each other.  Happy Anniversary Steph and Derek.

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  1. Dang! I did way back and forgot to put mine on the list..

    Anyhow, cool pic…wedding pics are always so much fun!

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