What’s in a name?


I have a question for you……….

Is there a name, besides your actual name, that you are often called?

I am not talking about “expressions”…….4 letter words, or nicknames, or cutesy things. 

Take me for an example.  My name is Debra. 

But wait,  first I must take a side trip and give you some interesting Debra facts:

-Famous Debra’s, or Deborah’s, or Debbies include:  Debbie Reynolds, Deborah Kerr, Debra Messing

-Debra has ranked in the top 1,000 popular names since the 1880’s, but appears to be declining in popularity each year.  Popularity peaked in the 1950’s. 

-Meaning: “bee” or “a swarm of bees”

-Biblical character is the prophetess, Deborah

-September 21st is the date reserved in France for celebrating the name Debra. 

Okay,  back to my original thought.  I have nicknames but if someone were to call me by the wrong name they would think I was a……………


Take a guess???????????


This puzzles me.  Do I look like a Barbara?  I don’t mind that name really. 

As indicated above, I  don’t think many babies are named Debra or Barbara these days.  So my name is in that category-“Popular Names from the past but no longer used”.  My name pretty much dates me.  I guess Barbara is in the same category. 

Or is Debra and Barbara close enough in spelling and sound that they are confused.  I am usually not called Debra, but Deb or Debbie.  And when called by the misnomer, its not Barbara but Barb.  Deb….Barb, I guess they are kinda similiar in that they are one syllable and end in B.

People have been calling me Barb since I was a kid. 

And there is one more interesting detail.  Barbara was my chosen confirmaton name. 

So, I am just wondering.  Do I look like a Barb?  Do you look like a different name than your own?  And what are some interesting facts about your real name, google it and let us know. 

Two last things to tell you, Steph and I are taking off for Florida on Sunday morning for a quick trip to drive my parents home.  And I am talking quick….we will be home on Monday.  And secondly, I’ve posted some new pics of Colt in the family photo album page.    Thanks for indulging this proud Grandma if you go have a look!  Have a good weekend everyone. 

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  1. I have a nickname that all of my family calls me..no chance I am telling anyone else, but it is nowhere near my given name…it’s unrelated but does have a story. Anyhow, it’s strange when people call me that..esp now

  2. My name is French and means ‘crown’. I don’t really have a name that people mistake me for, but I often get Beth or Stacey. Neither of which I think work for me!

  3. good lord you look like a “chuck” or “steve” to me…hahaha just kidding!
    people most call me mare but i do know when i am in trouble when the entire name is used,,,,mary margaret…ugh i hate my name

  4. People always call me Michelle! How do you get that from Nicole?! I’ve had teachers, strangers over the phone, and numerous other people call me Michelle! Do I look like a Michelle? LOL

  5. Sue, yes you are a Susan through and through. I had no idea that Susan had those origins. Thanks for the info.
    And Kel….I can see the connection between Kelly and Ellen, and Eileen, etc…all agreeing with your red hair.

  6. Susan is a female given name, a form of Susanna, deriving originally from Middle Egyptian (lotus flower),
    first reported on an 11.Dyn. Sarcophagus approximately 2000 B.C. Susan
    is a very popular name, and variations are found in many languages
    However, the Hebrew root for the name for the lily, is derived
    from the root , meaning to be joyful, bright, or cheerful,
    which is the basis for the word and name Sasson, meaning joy.

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