Way back May tradition



First Communion Day!  It is a special day in our Catholic tradition.  I have a few memories that I’d like to share:

This was a day of GREAT ANTICIPATION!  We studied and prepared for it in school all year.  The day had finally come,   I was so special…and grown up that day. 

I remember trying on dresses, I was impatient as usual, but I loved the dress my mom picked out and felt very lovely.

Being the last in the procession line, as usual, because I was the tallest.

The many practice sessions we had, which meant we escaped the classroom on a regular basis.

The lovely party, the cake.

Being impatient with my grandfather, the photographer, because I wanted to ride my bike with my girlfriends….with the dress on, of course.  I might have been a tomboy, but I loved that dress.   I sure don’t remember doing that though, surely mom nixed that.  I wonder how long I stayed dressed up…



 Yes, look at that expression…I had just about had it with the photos by now.  But aren’t my brothers just so cute! 

And one last memory, how proud I was that my Grandmother sent my dress to Poland for another little girl to wear.

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