Where I Stand Sunday


I don’t know, what day is better…..my birthday or Mother’s Day…..

On my birthday, I get to celebrate my own life….  Dinner, lunch, lots of best wishes at a family get together.  Its definitely fun and wonderful. 

But Mother’s Day…. I get to wish my mother a happy day, knowing she has gone through all I have, and more.  Then there are my friends, who are moms.  We have much in common and have shared much of our daily lives as moms…moments of pride for the accomplishments of our children, for the adults they have become.  Then new this year, I get to share the honor with my daughterinlaw, her first Mother’s Day.   We all get to celebrate our life as Mom’s together…and the joy increases….

Today, Steph had a party at her house for me…and her Grandma, Aunt and Sisterinlaw.  We had a barbque, despite the indecisive weather…flipflopping from rain to sunshine all day. 

Here are my “childrens”, I am one lucky mom to have them all here today(except Derek, who was working):

5-10-09 004

5-10-09 019

And the star of the day……………


But with all this excitement, I forgot to take a picture of my feet! 

5-10-09 011

But fear not….I will get the job done…..

5-10-09 010a

And if you were celebrating being a Mom today….I hope you had a nice day too!

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  1. I love your boy’s shirt…tractors ARE red. In TN where we lived before WV, it was def a green area…a darn shame!

  2. The feet pic combined with the pic above it reminds me of Tim Conway’s Dorf character

  3. It was a wonderful party, I am so glad I was able to do it for everyone 🙂 As we have a whole bunch of wonderful mother’s in our family!

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