Tailor quilt coming along


Now that I have allowed myself to keep going on it.


I did some “unstitching” on a very large section that was hand quilted.

This was necessary as the whole thing was starting to bubble up as a result of my stitching. 


I’ve also embroidered words, and some images to help tell the story……

5-7-09 030

Then, that voice popped up again, “what are you doing, this is not going well, what were you thinking?”.

So there it hung on the wall…I had planned to rip it apart, go back to square one. 

But then I listened to my own inner grumblings and to some good experienced friends and artists (thanks baguettes), and realized that I just needed to keep going.

5-7-09 028

I’ll reserve judgment until I am complete.  And if it doesn’t measure up…..


I’ll try again and improve the next one. 


I hate it when someone else judges what I am doing before completing it,

you’ve been there……

the soup that is not seasoned yet….

the patch of dirt with nothing planted in it yet….


So why do this to myself.


My vow….

Do not require perfection.

Finish, then just move on, do it better next time.……




Its all about the journey.


There is no finish line.


5-7-09 031






6 responses »

  1. You have such a wonderful astehtic, I just love the primitive look pieces that you produce. This piece has been beautiful from the very beginning, I’m glad you are continiuing with it!

  2. deb i love it,….loved it when you first showed it to me
    love it even more now!

  3. Wonderful post! Good thing you listened to those baguettes, they really know what they are talking about!

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