Way Back Sisters


This is a difficult post, even now.  May is my sister’s month.  Her birthday is in May, and it is also the month she died.  She is ten years younger than I, and died when she was 26.  She had hodgkin’s lymphoma, and fought it for 10 years.  She left a husband and two boys who are all grown up now.  She was one of those people that was always happy, positive, and giving.  Remember the song “Don’t worry, be happy”, well she adopted those words (as many of us did back then) but they really had special meaning with all she was going through. 


Here she and I stand side by side.  That Granny Dress was her absolute favorite outfit at age 6.  We sisters shared a bedroom, I had my teenage collages next to her Barbie house.  We enjoyed each other, she loved to follow in my footsteps…literally, wanting to go whereever I was going.  And she had the biggest crush on Jeff when we were dating.  She would start giggling and talk a mile a minute when he was around.  Of course she was a bridesmaid at my wedding.


And I was her maid of honor.  What a happy day that was!  She was sick then, but that didn’t slow her down.  We were especially close when she had her boys and I had my children.  The cousins grew up very close, even after she was gone.   She was a horse rider/trainer/showwoman….had a farm and beautiful arabian horses.  The kids and I spent alot of time out there.  Yes, we all miss our wife, mother, daughter, aunt and sister Cherie.   But that’s the way life is sometimes, The Lord calls home some who have lived a long life and some who are just starting to bloom.   I don’t understand it, but its not something that can be understood.  We sure had a good childhood together and I am glad we got to be grown up sisters together for a while.  And I would definitely not be the same me, if it wasn’t for influence of my little sis.

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  2. Thank you for the peaks inside your life. Your sister lives on through you and those who loved her.

  3. My Barbie-playing buddy! She certainly was very special. (((HUGS)))
    Now please quit making me cry.
    Just kidding, both posts were sweet and serve as good reminders that we all need to cherish our time with those that we love and not sweat the small stuff.

  4. What’s with the tearjerkers? She truly was an amazing woman and we will always remember her. She always had a smile on her face, no matter what. I’ll never forget that smile.

  5. Both of your posts are heartbreakers this time. I cried after reading about Cherie. You will always miss her. And I bet you never thought of working in a garden center as a life counselor position.

  6. What a sweet post — you’ve set a wonderful tone for my whole day. Thanks for sharing your memories of your sister. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, Deb! Now I’ve got to go and check out some of your work . . .

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