A little excitement…


Jeff came home to no power yesterday afternoon, and upon looking outside saw this.  And let met tell you, it was the strangest feeling to turn the corner and see fire trucks in front our your house:

4-30-09 010

It seems the high powered line at the top of the pole broke off and shorted out the transformer. 

He called the fire department, but their was not much they could do until Edison arrived….so the pole continued to burn right through, and eventually broke, that big transformer was caught up in the line and swinging in the breeze….

4-30-09 012

Edison finally arrived, cut the power, and the fire was extinguished…..

4-30-09 019

4-30-09 020

Edison brought MAJOR equipment in, worked through the night, put in a new pole and we woke up with power!  Woohoo!  Incidents like this are bound to happen, and its great to know how quick and efficient the repairs happened. 

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  1. Scary, but you were lucky.

    We had a fire like that. It happened the Sunday after Christmas. It took Edison until 6 PM on Wed. (New Year’s Eve) to get the power back on. Granted there were a lot of other people without power over that time period. But I’m still not over it.

    It’s been such a windy spring.

  2. It would be way cooler if you saw lightning hit the pole, and it exploded into flames. Maybe when you tell Colton about it in a couple years, you could embroider it a bit. Jeff might have saved the life of a passing woman with a baby stroller, they sent helicopters to battle the blaze, Hazmat teams came in all their gear to contain the pollutants, a Channel 4 reporter interviewed you, in tears about the scary explosion, you organized food for all the rescuers, and set up a bank account for all the donations people sent to help you recover. Life is a lot better when it isn’t exciting, things go smoothly, and get fixed quickly. But it would make a good story quilt.

  3. That’s very exciting! I love to see firetrucks in action esp when no one is hurt…brings out the kid in me!

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