Where I Stand Sunday


Today we have two guest “Standers”….

The first is a continuation of my post about Jeff and his determination to fight the ground ivy. Here he is, at his word, handpulling those weeds.   Of course, he used chemical warfare this week too. 


 And, here is sweet Marlo, at her post on the driveway…enjoying the warmth and watching all the action on the street and the neighborhood.  She has favorite people and dogs, whom she wants to run and greet.  We have to remind her that she needs to just stay home.  She is getting better at this self-control each year.  When she is about 20 she will be the perfect dog!  No, really she is perfect right now.  You will find her here most the summer, whenever we are outdoors she is out there with us. 


Deb’s feet thank Jeff and Marlo for the vacation.

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  1. If my feet had to stand all week until the next Sunday, in one place, they’d be glad of a break too.

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