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Since I’ve been picking on my husband lately, why not continue with this adorable photo of him and his brothers.

He’s the youngest, probably about 18 months.  They are sitting on their front porch, in Detroit….back then the porches and streets were filled with activity and families.  If this were in the fall, they would burn the fallen leaves in the street, at the curb.  The street view was a cathedral of elm trees.  Remember????

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  1. I have pictures on our front porch that look just like Jeff’s house! All the kids played in the front and all the parents sat on the porch. Leaves burning at the curb and every parent had the right to scold you if you misbehaved! Those were the days! I bet that Jeff has a picture on a horse. A photographer would come through the neighborhood and every kid begged their parents to let them have their picture taken.

  2. “Turn your head this way”. I can see it even now! Of course, every pic we take now is the same way! Still, very cool!

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  4. I DO remember… not at this time of course since I wasn’t even CLOSE to being born yet!
    I remember the burning of the leaves every fall though.

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