Fiber Feast Fashion Show


This past Saturday I attended a fashion show and luncheon put on by the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild.  With some friends….Carol, Patrice and Carol:

fiber fest 001a

And Kathy too:

fiber fest 008

Let me tell you, I was just a little tempted to skip the whole thing. The weather was sunny and 75 degrees outdoors in the early afternoon.   But, of course, I couldn’t so that….we have been looking forward to this show for a couple of months. 

fiber fest 043

I was quite contented with our table next to the window, which was also the perfect spot to photograph the models as they strolled by. 

With most of the garments, the construction was only part of the story, as it started with the fabric hand woven by the artist:

View wovens

Or hand dyed fabrics:

View handdyes

also hand knits, and felted wools:

View knits

As well as patchwork and surface embellishment, and gorgeous fabrics…..

View other

What struck me most was the artistic, adventuresome nature of the clothes.  I am so conservative, I admire anyone who has the courage to wear clothing like this.   But there were some pieces I would wear…….that I thought were particularly beautiful:

 fiber fest 017 fiber fest 064 fiber fest 080 fiber fest 012

And then we have these coats that were not in the fashion show, but were made by Patrice’s friend, Brenda(in the middle)….I would definitely wear one of these….they are exquisitely made and very flattering:

fiber fest 089  fiber fest 092

fiber fest 094

We had a great time, but upon returning home, I quickly changed into my usual:  old jeans and a grubby tee shirt so I could get on with my day….playing in the dirt.

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  1. I am looking forward to having time to look at all the included pix. Today I’m learning to use my new computer.

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