Where I Stand Sunday


I do wish I were an organic gardener.  But,  look at these unwanted aggravations that are already in my garden:

4-19-09 005

Its the middle of April, plants are just popping up.  But these aggressive things are overtaking our gravel path.  So what is one to do?

-Ignore them, not an option.  We like our paths, and don’t want them to disappear under a carpet of weeds.

-Kneel on the gravel and hand pull each and every one, day after day, all summer long, under the hot sun, rain or shine, this could be my new job. 

-Get out the Roundup.     

Then there is this plant:

4-19-09 006

Ground Ivy.  Right now, its kind of pretty, with its violet flowers blooming across our back yard.  But it is not a desirable plant.  It will drape itself over and around, choking everything in sight.  Again, my choices are the same. 

But this year, Jeff has announced his intentions to eliminate this weed from our grass.   What should we call this initiative…the Ivy League Wars, The Ground Ivy Extinctions, Man vs.. Wild Plant?   He will get the chemicals out, and diligently use them.  We shall see, we may end up with no ivy, but also a barren backyard too. 

A few years ago he declared a similar war with moles.  He purchased several different weapons/traps, a Mole Rx Kit that included a video, and talked with every possible authority about their methods.  I think he may even have spent a few afternoons in a lawn chair, with a shovel, watching for the earth to move as a mole dug his tunnel across our property. And you know what, it worked.  We have not had a severe problem with them for a couple of years now.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

As you can see, I am not against using chemicals and other means to save myself backbreaking, never-ending work.

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  2. To clarify… When Jeff declared war on the moles, I know in
    Caddy Shack it was a groundhog.

  3. Weed killer is the only way I keep my sanity… yes, I’m chemically dependant!
    I always picture Jeff as a crazed Bill Murray in Caddy Shack when he declared the war on moles.

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