Easter way back

Since it is still within the octave of Easter, I thought I would dig up some way back Easter photos.   My mom and dad look so great, don’t cha think.  Their’s is a long lasting love, 50 plus years and still going strong.  If you look into the window on the left, I do believe you can see the reflection of my grandfather photographing them.  This was at my grandparent’s house, in Ossineke Michigan. 


And here I am, posing very cooperatively with all the cute Easter props.  Next year, I really want to make one of those lamb cakes…just because.   img027a

I surely don’t remember this Easter up north, but am happy to have found these nostalgic photos.


6 thoughts on “Easter way back”

  1. I LOVE your Mom’s coat! I would wear that now!
    You were an angel-baby! Ditto Lis’ comment about posing Colt with the lamb cake. Oh, I smell a Family tradition! ALL Grandchildren posed by the lamb cake!!!

  2. I’d love to see a lamb cake…it’s gotta be tough…probably takes some good sized scoops of lard to make the neck stiff enough to stay upright…but yummmm!

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