Easter way back


Since it is still within the octave of Easter, I thought I would dig up some way back Easter photos.   My mom and dad look so great, don’t cha think.  Their’s is a long lasting love, 50 plus years and still going strong.  If you look into the window on the left, I do believe you can see the reflection of my grandfather photographing them.  This was at my grandparent’s house, in Ossineke Michigan. 


And here I am, posing very cooperatively with all the cute Easter props.  Next year, I really want to make one of those lamb cakes…just because.   img027a

I surely don’t remember this Easter up north, but am happy to have found these nostalgic photos.

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  1. I LOVE your Mom’s coat! I would wear that now!
    You were an angel-baby! Ditto Lis’ comment about posing Colt with the lamb cake. Oh, I smell a Family tradition! ALL Grandchildren posed by the lamb cake!!!

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  3. I’d love to see a lamb cake…it’s gotta be tough…probably takes some good sized scoops of lard to make the neck stiff enough to stay upright…but yummmm!

  4. Yes, make one of those cakes and pose Colt next to it!
    How cute were you!!!!???!!!!

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