Easter weekend


It is our custom to have an official “EASTER BRUNCH FEAST”…and that is exactly what we did:


After this brunch there is no need for dinner.  I had a little bowl of cereal about 7PM.  Take note of the spoiled dog at the far end of the table.  Kaiko is being encouraged by Derek who wanted his Kakes in the photo.  

But I need to back up to Saturday….

We were invited to Colt’s house for an Easter dinner celebration.  All of us.  Amber and  TJ are very brave.  And the evening was perfect….good food, good people, and of course there is that baby.

Look at all of us looking at …hmmm…. three guesses……



He is 4 months old now….I have added some new photos to the Family Photo Album Page. 

I found the cutest, kinda corny little basket at the new Hobby Lobby.  I know its one of those mass produced things, and I much prefer handmade…but I just couldn’t resist:


A nd what sort of treat do you get for a 4 month old.  I’m sure his mom would not appreciate us giving him jelly beans or chocolate….so why not formula….its his current favorite thing.  I had much fun preparing a little basket for my little grandson. 

We had lovely Easter….hope you did too.

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  1. We had a great Easter. Looks like yours was a blast too. Yours reminds me of our Thanksgiving. I surely love holidays when we all get together and eat!

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