Easter Sunday


I hope you had a nice Easter.

4-12-09 Easter 005

These are hellebore’s.  The Lenten Rose. 

4-12-09 Easter 009

They have droopy heads, like they are hiding from the light.  But what perfection when you can catch a glimpse of the flower. 



These are the very dark, almost black, purple variety.  They will stay in bloom for at least a month.  The light purple  blossoms will gradually turn green.  And the new year’s foliage will start popping out of the ground soon, overtaking the flowers.  This is one of my favorite perennials.  I probably say this entirely too much about too many different plants….(and as a note to myself-plant some crocuses or snow drops near them for next year).  But hellebores are especially worthy because of their early flowers, preference for shade, the tough dark green foliage that stays all winter, and their unappetizing taste to deer and rabbits. 

I wondered around the yard, looking for spring color:

4-12-09 Easter 024

There are the pansies I planted in my Grandmother’s old urn planter. 

4-12-09 Easter 030

Daffodils here and there.

4-12-09 Easter 031

And the tiny periwinkle blue flowers of myrtle were glowing in the sun. 

This was a gardening weekend.  Steph and I worked together yesterday,  first in her yard, then mine.  Funny though, the time in her yard FLEW by.  We planted some perennials  Lis’ gave us from Virginia, trimmed her shrubs, pulled out that disgusting sheet plastic barrier stuff from the front of her house, and did a lot of wandering and planning for her.    Steph  is just getting to know her property, and is in the mode of deciding what ground to dig up, what is coming up where, etc.    Then in the afternoon, we came over to my house.  I had an agenda, knew just the chores I wanted to do, and boy did I get the work out of her!  We cut back perennials, trimmed hedges, raked out garden beds and planted.  Her 3 hours flew by, but my 3 hours seemed forever since our energy was waning as the afternoon progressed. 

Jeff had already cut down the grasses and cleared out most of the leaves.  I am really in great shape in the garden for April 12.    And that’s a good thing!

I have to share this with you:  I have a dream…..just because she has put perfectly into words my sentiments!

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  1. Keep the dream alive!! That could be me too…just have to wait to tear down a building and use the lumber for the chicken coop, as we replace the building with another…

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