We were sent home from Virginia with an abundance of fresh eggs!  Yesterday, I opened the carton, planning to hard boil them for Easter, but lost my train of thought….  I just had to photograph them:

4-6-09 eggs 032

And handle them:

4-6-09 eggs 004

and  rearrange them

4-6-09 eggs 011

They were good eggs and cooperated while I transferred them from container to basket:4-6-09 eggs 031

and back again, then kitty was curious: 

4-6-09 eggs 022

Oh that was fun, now where was I?

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  1. Those are the most beautiful eggs I’ve ever even imagined! How, oh how, can you ever use them?

  2. Hi Deb. It’s Karen, the lady with her little chicken friends from Saline. Fresh egg’s don’t hard boil as well as old store bought eggs.
    don’t waste those tasty egg’s on hard boiling.

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