Still diggin’ in the dirt



Perhaps this was the first time I dug up a plot of grass for vegetables, but it certainly was not the last.  I remember convincing my parents that I should plant a veggie garden.  And I do remember its abundance of tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers.  I remember tending the plot and talking over the fence with our neighbor Mike, while he puffed away on his cigarettes, and told his stories in his loud, but charming manner.     After the first year, and success, I was allowed to expand the size of the garden too.  And no, that building was not tulip yellow, this is just an old discolored photo.  That’s my brother helping me, he has farmer tendencies too. 

Now, here in 2009, I am still plotting to expand my patch of cultivated earth. Its early yet, we returned from Virginia in a snow storm and it has not really stopped snowing since. Hopefully today it will be sunny and melt that evil white stuff. But soon I will feel the sun on my back as I dig and plant my little patch of Eden.

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  1. This reminded me of my Dearborn house, when I’d garden and Tad would talk to me all day while he smoked his cigars.

  2. I remember what a thrill it was the first time I had radishes come up, to think I could grow stuff I could eat!

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