Way Back When-sday


As I go through photos, I notice we have a great many pictures of fish.   Yes, the family photographer (aka, Jeff) loves to take photos of the day’s catch.  We have many photos of fish lined up on a cutting board, waiting in line for their turn to be prepped for the pan.  I do believe I took the photo below, and insisted that the fisherman pose with the fish this time.  That’s Jeff on the right, and his brother on the left.  Their both laying down, I’m sure this has nothing to do with too many beers, I probably made them pose like this.  This was not too far back…2001.  


But the fishing tradition lives long in this family.  That’s a 23 pound king salmon Jeff (the one with the sexy legs) is holding.  Caught in Lake Michigan.  And if you are a Kolar, notice everyone’s bare feet, can’t you just feel the sharp gravel under your feet  on the driveway up north.  We are not wimps.  


Jeff purchased his dream boat (well, achievable dream boat) in 1990, a Grady-White 22 foot fishing boat.  We had a great time fishing together on the weekends.  After a while, we kinda had to convince the kids to spend all day on the boat, sometimes with no fish on for hours.  How did we do that?  Loud music,  food, and the girls played dolls in the cabin.  But when a fish was on, it was worth the wait.  We would sometimes go to one of the smaller lakes around here, and let the girls get fish after fish with a bobber and worm…probably the same one biting each time.  They didn’t care, and had loads of fun.  I can still hear Steph saying “Anchor up” when she had a fish on but needed help getting it in the boat.  Generally though, we went to the great lakes, and fished for walleye, salmon, bass, perch.  TJ is holding some pretty impressive walleye here.  


Up north, in the U.P., fishing is a daily requirement.  Before anyone had a nice fishing boat, there was always the pier, the Manistique River and Bursaw Creek, and dad’s old homemade boat out in the big lake.  The salmon that Tj is holding was caught in dad’s little boat, on the way home from perch fishing.  That’s Jeff and Jim…and Cam was the one taking the picture.  


I just wanted to include this photo, so I didn’t exclude Jackie in the fishing feature.  Note her shoes, they are on the wrong feet, she was always in a hurry.  Funny I had forgot all about that until I saw this photo.  


We did have good times and fun on the water, way back and now adays too.  These days, it seems we spend more time on the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico….bigger fish, warmer weather.  Jeff says he will probably need a new Grady  to take his grandson fishing.

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  1. Everone looks so YOUNG!!!
    Look at BFG’s “sexy legs”!!!
    I think that I could do a fish themed post next week as well.
    Love these!

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  3. I might need to continue this fish theme next when-sday, I have many fish pics too!

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