Project Improv


The internet is a wonderful place.  I recently discovered a group of people who share my interest in crazy piecing.  They call it Improvisational Quilting.  But basically what it is is doing your own thing with piecing fabric together.  No patterns.  I love this idea.  And have already finished my first quilt in this manner, Color Therapy, as you may remember but its here if you don’t. 

Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie Studio started project improv as a way to encourage likeminded people to experiment with crazy piecing.  I couldn’t resist joining in.  The rules are simple.  Experiment, and complete one improv pieced project of your own with no due date, and submit a log cabin type quilt square to Jacquie so she can assemble charity quilts.  So far she has 7 quilts in progress from the squares and many more to come!  Jacquie’s joyful commitment to this project and the generosity of everyone involved is wonderful to read about.  Many are chipping in with sewing help, fabric for backings, and even $$$.  

I have a block ready to send to Jacquie:

3-20-09 project improv

I know Jacquie is still accepting participants, but hurry as the due date for the charity square is  April 1.  For more information, here is the official post about the project:

project improv

And once again, thank you Gail for sharing your fabric and scraps with me!

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  1. What a wonderful quilt square!!

    Interesting how the internet is giving a boost to charity in so many different ways. I just “ordered” 2 lbs. of rayon silk weaving yarn with the stipulation that I donate to charity.

    I enjoy your posts.

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