Have had my nose to the grindstone and finished piecing the Indian Orange Peel quilt together.   But not ready to call it completed, the borders are next.  I have 25 main blocks done, each have 4 patchworked fabrics.  And 120 arcs ….each arc has 15 pieces.  That’s 1900 pieces of  fabric I’ve sewn together so far. 


This quilt has taught me many things:

1.  Slow and steady wins the race….well, I’m working on the steady part, I’ve got “slow” down very well.  This quilt was started over two years ago.  I work on it sporadically.    But I just bit the bullet these past few days and got it done.

2.  If you want to get something done, plaster its parts over something prominent so you cannot move until you get it done and out of the way.  I had this quilt pinned on the wall for a long time, trying to ignore it.  But everytime I wanted to do something else, that darn quilt was there. 

3.  Repetion help increase skills.  Duh!  It was agony at first, piecing those arcs.  I have it down now, very very well. 

4.  Very important to use a range of color values.  I thought the whites in this quilt would be hideous.  But now I love them, and they actually make the whole piece more interesting. 

5.  That I do have the ability to stay focused on a project for an extended period of time.  For a while there I had my doubts. 

6.  I have a strong desire to do something to this quilt to make it truly mine.  It would be a much more satisfying project if I did that.  So let’s see….Applique on top….add bottlecaps, buttons….paint it.  Something to give it my personal stamp and meaning.  We shall see, I’ll be thinking. 

But for now, I will contentedly piece those border starbursts.


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