Way Back When-sday 5



I’m not offended by your laughter….This is my family, with my Grandmother, at the kitchen table.  I am in high school, probably a junior.  My brother J, is on the left and is studying.  Brother M is standing.   Mom is paying bills.  Dad is sitting behind the polaroid camera and a cup of coffee (he can drink coffee any time of day).   The only person missing is my sister, she was probably already asleep.  This is a good image of a moment that brings back a flood of memories of everyday life, unrehearsed, unposed.  Is it any wonder I love potato chips, when I associate family late night snacks,  and good memories like this with that crunchy salty taste.  Oh, and I thought I might mention that the thing on top of my head is an empty orange juice can.  I slept like this to straighten my hair.

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  1. I used to sleep on a head full of brush rollers, trying to get the curl you tried to remove. Do you know what it’s like to lay on brush rollers all night? My head never touched the pillow, it was 3″ above, on a bed of nails. We should have had transplants. Or maybe I just needed a brain implant. What were we thinking? Would it make us beautiful???

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  3. Ahhh, the orange juice can straightener! I have heard about those. Right up there with sleeping in a hat and ironing your hair!

    Love the family togetherness!

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  5. PRICELESS!!! I didn’t realize that the white thing was actually attached to your head!

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