Way Back When-sday #4-The labcoat convention


One day, back in the late ’80’s, my parents asked us to come to their farm, dress everyone in white and be prepared to be photographed.  Since mom is the “Captain”, we did as we were told.  Dressing in white is contrary to my instincts, especially for those two guys on the right.  They cannot help themselves, if there is dirt or oil, it will find them.  But we persevered, and since it was a beautiful early summer day, they wore shorts…thus avoiding grass stained knees.  I love this family photo, except for me…those glasses….OMG….Jackie is 3, Steph 7, and the Teej 9 years old. 


Can you imagine the patience the photographer had to have to get the photo below?  What I remember is how long we had to sit, then taking a break, then sitting again, rearranging ourselves several times, the kids complaining of being hot, tired and hungry.  But its a moment frozen in time, during happy times.  Brings back memories of family get togethers, my parent’s place in the woods, cousins having a riotous time together, and of my siblings when we were able to see each other often.  One thing is for certain,  nothing ever stays the same….the times, people and circumstances change.     


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  1. Deb, I love these Way Back When-sday stories and photos. I agree, other than the glasses, you haven’t changed at all!

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  3. I remember when I first saw these pictures and thinking what a brilliant idea it was to have everyone dress in all white. I got a little teary-eyed seeing them, must be my hormones acting up.

  4. There won’t be a day that I don’t see this picture and smile. I don’t remember the day that well, but looking at this, know it was well worth it.

  5. I agree…you look a lot the same…except the glasses. We just did a family shoot like this only in all black…and no glasses for me!

  6. That is an absolutely PRECIOUS picture! I love those all white, or blue jean photos.
    I know just what you mean about the glasses, it’s hard to overlook them on ourselves. I just keep telling myself “it is what it is”. Or rather it WAS what it WAS!
    Love the big group picture too, what a TREASURE!

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