Color therapy….


when a dose of the happy and cheerful is needed.  2-14-09-005


it glows with the warmth of the sun  my shoulders, bright flowers,  green grass underfoot, smell of the lilacs, watching the hummingbirds…hope for spring!  Soon….one more month. 

Addendum:  Yes, this quilt DEFINITELY has Gail’s influence.  We spent a fall afternoon together  free piecing with scraps….she introduced me to a whole new techniqnue that I love that day.  Then, of course if you know Gail and her generous spirit, sent me home with a bag full of her own free pieced parts.  This quilt is a result of that, I simply added to her parts and pieced them all together.  Thank you Gail!

And, I devoted 16 hours last week to what I love doing….wonderful way to make the most of winter.

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  2. Deb, all those colors made my heart sing. Do you believe I recognize that fabric in the lower right hand corner of the detail photo? I remember the day we bought it. Yep, still have most of mine though I did make a doll with some of it.

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