Something new….


and fun.  Tomorrow, Kelly and I are starting a new series.  Way Back Wednesday.  All congrats goes to Kel for coming up with the perfect name.  But our idea is to post an old photo(s) on Wednesday, that’s it, no other rules.   Why don’t you join us!  Just leave a comment on this or any Wednesday post, and I will add you to the list.  Use your family photos, historical archive photos, search the web for a photo…anything goes.   I am really looking forward to this topic as it will be a glimpse into our past lives, our culture and history.  It will be entertaining, nostalgic, enlightening.  We all have our stories to tell, let’s get started.

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  1. I’d say yesterday is not “way back”….but pictures from another “era” of your life would be perfect. Yes, join us…I have lots of pictures for you.

  2. How “old” does it have to be? I mean, what if I posted something I took yesterday? JK, I am thinking about joining you in this, not completely sure yet though…

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