Where I Stand Sunday



Today was the last day of Livonia’s winter used book sale weekend. Which means big bargains. A brown paper grocery bag full of books is $5. I have learned not to go until the paperbag day of the sale. I usually go with my daughters, and they head right to the fiction and literature section. And I do appreciate them doing that, let them pick out the novels and I will read them (eventually)…they have good taste. I head to the art and craft section, and see what gold I can mine. Today I did find a few treasures:

    Stitches:New Approaches

by Jan Beaney, 1985…encourages self expression in embroidery.  Have been looking for this book for ages. 

    The Art and Craft of Applique

by Juliet Bowden, 1991…basics and inspiration, fosters originality and creativity in the art of applique.  Although this book is over 15 years old, its full of inspiration

    Debbie Bliss, Cotton Knits for all seasons

2002…lots of gorgeous childrens sweaters.  I’ve never tried one of her patterns, but they are beautiful.  Even if I just drool over this book, thats okay.    

I also got a design book, copyright 1956…full of “modern” motifs from that era.  Just plain fun to look through. 

And my last gem is a little book called:

             Writing about Art

by Henry Sayre, 1989.  Because of blogging, I find myself trying to put into words my feelings about pieces of art.  I could use some ed-ja-ma-cation in this….hopefully I found the right book.  Maybe it will put my brain into gear and help me come up with some wordage other than my old standby phrases. 

I’m quite pleased with the bag o books, and they should tide me over for a while…..all for less than the price of a magazine. 

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  1. What a good habit, to hunt through the book sale. I usually pass it by, and am sorry I did when I see finds like yours.

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