Glue Resist Painting


We Baguettes met at Kat’s today and experimented with this technique. There is an article in the February/March 2009 issue of Quilting Arts about glue resist painting, page 54. Kat and Gail had painted designs on fabric the night before, giving the glue time to dry. So today, we could jump right in and start painting.
This technique has so many possibilities…..
All over design…..I painted this watery design

Gail made this Aztec-inspired cloth
Babe’s bird….we used setacolor paint and lumiere for accents


Julie’s skeleton…after the paint dries, iron to cure, then launder

Kat’s painting….the glue disappearsin the wash, leaving unpainted fabric areas in its placeglue-resist-painting-006
This is the fish I painted….using the setacolor paints, which act more like a dye, the fabric stays soft and washable.

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  1. How do you do this technique? I love the outcome, interested in the technique…Elmers? Rubber cement? Thanks!

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