New porch furniture


I’ve been working on some new covers for our “new” sofas on the porch. I rescued these sofas from the garbage of a friend. They are actually a 1960’s sectional, but work great on our porch, individually. And then, I promised Jeff that I would not buy fabric for these, but use what I had. Because, I do have SOME fabric. Of course, nothing worked. Then Gail handed me a large bag of upholstery fabric during her basement cleaning…saying, I think this will work for you. And I do believe it has. I had EXACTLY enough, not an inch left over….and am quite pleased with the results. These are the most comfortable chairs, nice and low so they don’t block the windows. Love them. Thank you Gail!


I didn’t make traditional slipcovers, but made pillow case type covers and laced them onto the cushions. Easy, and adjustable, and washable.
Now, just to get rid of all that white stuff outdoors, its too much of a contrast, doesn’t work with my garden room decor.

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  2. It looks great! And poor Marlow, she looks like she is wishing for the sunshine just as much as the rest of us!

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