Kat’s Gallery Night


My friend, Kat Campau (blog: Stitchnut), has a one person show at 212 Art Gallery in Saline. Tonight was the opening night. Now, I have seen her work on a regular basis, but seeing it all in one place was just amazing. And to think she has done almost all this work in 2008 seems impossible. She is so talented, and passionate about making gorgeous art. She creates using embroidery, quilting, mosaics, and beadwork, along with knitting and felting, glasswork. And what is wonderful is that Kat is always interested in learning something new, not afraid to jump right in. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Be sure to check out her newly updated website, you will see a good representation of her work and you will see how talented she is. There is a link on the front page to 212 Gallery that has photos of her show.

That’s Kat on the left, and Gail on the right:

Here are a few of us baggettes…left to right: Me, Julie, Kat and Gail


Leannderthal Leann, her mom, and sister Jane were there, (sorry to get the back of your head, Jane…but Leann’s expression is just too great to pass up.)

And Turtle Creek Quilts Mary and Fibra Artysta Lynn were there too:


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