Where I Stand Sunday


The temperature has actually been above 0(Farenheit, Lynn) today. That’s the good news. Yesterday and last night we received 6-8 MORE inches of snow. Looking outside, we do have a rather beautiful landscape, all sharp edges have been softened with the soft drape of a blanket of snow.

If you see me out and about during these cold months, I will be wearing this: Good sturdy boots, my long, warm purple coat, the scarf Kat made that inspired all my knittiing in December, and my new green purse. This purse was find! They hardly sell long, over-the-shoulder types anymore…and I really love being handsfree when walking/shopping, etc. And its also has a small “footprint”, yet carries all the necessities, including my camera. I know this picture doesn’t really focus on where I’m standing, but what the heck, its what I’ll be wearing wherever I’m standing while this blasted winter trods onward with no end in sight.

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  1. Yes, above zero (F) is an excellent thing. I love your purse, I like to wear mine that way too so I don’t have to constantly keep shoving it back on my shoulder. Its a great look! Very cute! đŸ™‚

  2. Cute purse!!
    I am looking forward to spring, I’ve been wearing long underwear a lot this year and I’m sick of ’em!

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