Making changes


All rightee, I’ve had some mind grumblings for some time,  a feeling that I should change things up a bit.   When I first started blogging, I had in mind to post mostly about the things I make, with a few posts sprinkled in about the other stuff…you know, family, travel, gardening, photography, activities, etc etc etc.  It seems that  “the other stuff” is taking alot of space…after all this is the LIFE in between the stitches. These posts are alot of fun, and it keeps friends and family up to date with us…it encourages keeping in touch with each other.   Its a space to speak my mind about whatever might be on my mind.  

But, also its motivating to share what I make, all of you keep me going with your encouragement.  And its satisfying to look back and see what I’ve accomplished.  But, I think that these two distinct areas need to be seperated, art/craft and “the other stuff”.  Each  one deserves their own space, me thinks, one not diluting the other.  So I have decided to start another blog…one dedicated exclusively to documenting my art and craft.  

Some changes are coming, I will plug away at these and let you know.  I thank you all, dear friends,  for your reading, commenting and encouragement.

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