North Captiva, Florida


First, check out the excitement Steph and Derek had in Florida.  That’s pretty hard to beat. 


Here is Jeff and Jim on one of the many golfcart trips to the boat, because walking the whole 1/4 mile was way too far.  But really, usually they were carrying the fishing tackle and supplies, so the golf cart came in handy.  The dogs love the golfcart and had to be coaxed off. 


Patt and I whiled away a whole day just chatting poolside and enjoying the water. 


This is Charlie, Erin (the newlyweds), and Steph and Derek(on the bow)…in Charlie’s pretty new boat. 


Every morning Patt and I would take the 5 dogs and walk the beach.  The houses that are in front of us have been condemned…they have ocean washing in under them.  One is in the process of being moved further back. 


Marlo, the ocean swimmer….she loved it. 


Jeff was all smiles with his 2 foot long ladyfish.  They are called “the poor man’s tarpon” because they fight and jump like the dickens. 


Was especially fun to have Steph and Derek with us most of the time.  They had a great time, and Derek is definitely a fisherman.


Our tans are fading fast in the white snow!  But is was a great vacation, we really love North Captiva…and am so thankful for the annual invite from Patt and Jim to  visit them.

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