Where I Stand Sunday


We had a rude Michigan welcome back.  Decided to drive straight through to beat the storm, but, no we were not early enough.  When we hit Ohio, the roads turned icy, then snow covered.   Arrived back home exhausted, ready for a nap at 7AM Saturday.  But that was not to be.  Aside from still feeling like I was traveling in a moving car, Missy Bibby was so happy to see me that she couldn’t imagine snuggling up for nap as the thing to do.  But after 10 hours of sleeping last night, I am ready for a new day, a new year, and the laundry. 


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  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound and basking in the love of a kitty. Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful pictures that I know you took!

  2. Welcome back Deb. Glad you had a good time and that your Dad is recovering. Will write soon. Nothing new happening up north. Just snow, snow and then some more snow.

  3. What a sweet girl, she loves you! 🙂 I was hoping you’d drag some of that warm weather back with you. Too much snow, blech.

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