Vero Beach Florida


We explored Vero a little, spent time on the Indian River (intercoastal).  Here are my favorite photos:


That is the Barber bridge(I-60) heading from the mainland to Orchid Island


Misty morning


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  1. YEAH, now I am getting jealous too!! The pictures are fantastic! You can tell us more at Anita’s shower, Sunday! Yes, it is time for you to come home. Get ready to be cold! hehee

  2. is everything really that blue? *SIGH* We’re having freezing rain and sleet today.

  3. Hi Deb, I’ve found your blog via Nan.

    Okay, now I’m officially jealous. It was one thing to see pictures of sun and warm water. And the ante was up a little with the manatee pictures (I’ll always remember my 25th birthday because we were scuba diving with the manatees in Crystal River.) But the pelicans are too much….I love pelicans and have been collecting special pelican things for years.

    And out our Michigan window it is a frosty 21 degrees. ARGH!

    Thanks for sharing your trip!

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