Where I Stand Sunday


Here in Vero Beach, the weather has been in the 70’s and 80’s, the sun is shining, and mom is keeping us busy.  But the only thing that could make it perfect is for dad to be home from the hospital.  We have been enjoying the change in environment though….changes in latitude, changes in attitude, nothing quite feels the same…(or something like that from Jimmy Buffett).  I have been watching and waiting to get the perfect photo of a manatee at my feet, drinking from the well….but got no cooperation from one of the gentle giants.  All I managed to get was this disappointing photo, a few noseeum bites and gave Jeff a mild heart attack from watching me climb down the sea wall. 


We did get this shot on Saturday….the manatees were having a party in front of the artesian well. 




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  1. Wonderful photo — & I, too, hope your Dad is better soon.

    Now to look back at your previous “Where I Stand” photos…. such a great series!

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