Christmas in Florida


I wish you a Merry Christmas….I hope you have celebrated in a special way with those you love.  We are with my mom  and dad, in Vero Beach. Unfortunately, as we were driving in,  my dad got very sick and ended up in the hospital.  But he is going to be okay, thanks to antibiotics, and should come home tomorrow.  We hung out with him alot today, and can tell he is feeling more like himself….telling us his jokes and using that sharp wit of his.  

On our drive from Michigan to Florida, we decided to take a different route with Savannah, Georgia as our overnight destination.  We arrived at about 8PM with plans to tour the city in the morning.  Well, we got the call about dad that evening and decided to see Savannah another time.  But our nightime tour was so enticing that we are determined to get there sooner than later.  What a beautiful city!  What an old city.  The cobblestone road along the waterfront was layed in the 1790’s and is intact, along with buildings of the same vintage.  The streets are filled with trees dripping with moss, town squares, beautiful old homes.  Our photos didn’t turn out, it was just too dark when we drove thru.  But if you asked me where in the world I would like to go if I could go anywhere, it would be Savannah right now. 

We walked the beach this morning, still unacclimated to the warmth.  It was breezy, with salty sea spray fogging up my glasses.  But it was a warm, welcome breeze…no jacket required.   Lots of brown pelicans flying about,  and the waves were crashing in.  12-25-08-020


Was a different sort of Christmas, but a good one none the less.

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  1. Deb–I am so glad your Dad is feeling better! And, I am glad you’re there with him, that has to really help him get better having his daughter with him!

    The weather sounds so inviting! Enjoy yourselves.

    Hi to Jeff.

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