The needles have wings


I have been knitting scarves.  The fun of these scarves is that I am using up all the dibs and dabs of leftover yarn that is around the house.  I searched my household, gathering all the yarn in one place.  This in itself was a good exercise towards home organization.  Then made piles of colorways that worked for me.   Sorting, counting, matching and analyzing colors and textures….very satisfying activity too.  I then combined 2 or 3 different yarns, counted off yardage, tied on another group and proceeded until I had a big enough ball of yarn to knit the scarf. 

Here is what I’ve completed:

First, Breezy, which I have shown you before.  I also made a similiar one, but that scarf has found a happy home. 


The next one I completed is The Towering Inferno


Than there is:  Paris, when it sizzles


And the last one, The Moon is Bluefinished-scarves-013a

Where the heck did I come up with these names?  Can anyone guess????  Hint:  There are two things that connects each name to the others. 

Well, as you may have noticed, I have another obsession…his name is Colt.  He is doing well.  Had a pediatrician appointment today and is just fine.  He didn’t let his parents sleep too well last night, though.  The first night,  TJ was pleased that he was on a perfect 3 hour schedule, but that didn’t last long.  Oh yes, again, I’m enjoying being on the fringes,  getting a good nights sleep and joining in for the fun things.  In hopes that this doesn’t turn into a total doting grandmother blog, I have added another page called Family Photo Album….aka Colt’s page.  You can get to it by scrolling up to the very top of this page, look in the upper right hand corner, above the header/title box and click on:  Family Photo Album.  I have added a  few photos, and will let you know when I add more.

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  2. The scarves are absolutely gorgeous — why-oh-why did I miss out on the “artsy-craftsy, creative” gene?? I thought of Krystyn when I saw”The Towering Inferno” creation — she’d love those colors!!!

  3. Deb, they are gorgeous. You are tempting me to try once again to learn how to knit. I have the book and the needles stashed somewhere.

  4. What I really came back on to say was, since I saw your scarf Tuesday, I have been wishing I had “dibs and dabs” of leftover yarn !!!! I am going to keep my eyes open for some after Christmas yarn bargains!

  5. Yes, Mr Smartypants, you are right! You did your research, and just won yourself a knitted dishcloth!

  6. There is a full moon over the Eiffel Tower in Paris? You want to go there? No clue!
    LOVE those scarves!

    It’s snowing on your “blob”!!!!

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