Season for Waiting


I’ve been keeping busy, feeling like a child….time moving slowly, eager for the moment to arrive. Soon….

I put up our Christmas tree today. I love this little one, only 4 feet…lights already strung on it. On sale at Michaels several years ago, certainly was a worthwhile purchase….cost less than a few strings of lights. True, its a fake, but it works for us. This year I dug out the mercury glass ornaments that my mother gave me a while ago. They are large….and weigh alot, but on the small tree I really like them. That was my creative endeavor of the day. 


This ornament is my favorite, in honor of our marvelous, cool cat before Bibbs….Tiger, aka Mr. T.  He was a big boy, but the sweetest there ever was.  The kids grew up with him, and he was perfect for the children…patient, affectionate, forbearing.  He had a particular fondness for Jackie, who is constantly comparing the shortcomings of Bibbs to her gentleman cat.  I know she still misses him. 

Maybe I will have news for you later today……

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  1. Just waiting with you!Can’t wait to see him in your arms!

    It’s good to remember kitty-witties from the past. Our kids talk about Mocha, our favorite cat of all time, alot. He holds a very special place in our museum of recollection. He was like a dog, and ever so patient and loving.

  2. I can hardly wait to see Colton. Think he’ll have hair? Be big like his dad? Tall and skinny? What a surprise package he’ll be.

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