Where I Stand Sunday



Wet, slushy, rainy snow today.  Did you see the size of the snowflakes, I’ve never seen any like that.  We may get more tonight, afterall tomorrow is December 1…that is to be expected, ’tis the season.  Already. 

Really loved this long weekend, with everyone coming and going, stopping in.  We have been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, again, and never tire of it.    We did some relaxing, and Marlo and Bibbs have to join the lazing around.  I apologize for the fuzzyness of this picture, but have waited for this Kodak moment for a long time even if it is not perfect:


All weekend, Jeff has been going through slides from his childhood, converting them to DVD.  I think he has saved about 2000 images.  There are pictures of delicious homemade pies being held by the baker, like this: 

:img_8216 Jeff’s sister Laurie, in the late ’60’s.

Continuing the tradition, Steph and I showing off our lemon meringue pie:


Do you see a slight resemblance between Steph and Laurie? 

I have been on a knitting binge, two completed scarves(shown here), and one more almost done: 


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  1. Do we come full circle in life??? I think I’ve started wearing my hair close to that 60’s style again!!!

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