What I am thankful for…..


Now its my turn: 

1.  The Lord God, who lights my way.   

2.  Jeff! My family…TJ and Amber, Steph and Derek, Jackie,  Mom and Dad, d’Mama, my extended family…Love ya all.  

3.  The Capri’s, the Baggs,  the RWS’s, and all my other friends.   

5.  Marlo, Bibbs, Kirra, Keiko, Alley, Rocks…and all the other critters that make each day a little happier.

6.  A comfortable home, that has lots of great memories.

7. A great oven that worked very hard today, and did not delay dinner at all.

8.  This body, that continues to serve me well.  My health, our health.

9.  That my children all have grown up to be happy, good people. 

10.  Coffee in the AM, tea during the day, and wine at dinner. 

11.  The community I live in, love it here…my neighbors, my city and Michigan.

12.  Internet, email and blogs

13.  A good, peaceful night’s sleep most of the time.

14.  The hours a day I am able to do something I enjoy.

15.   That would be art, stitching, cooking and gardening mostly…okay, shopping too. 

16.  A good read

17.  A mind that is curious and interested to learn new things

18.  Having places to go, visiting family and friends. 

19.  A stable livelihood. 

20.  Laughter…having the positive outlook to find something to laugh about everyday

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am truly a very lucky person to have this wonderful lady (Deb) in my life…she has been God sent (to me) and I thank Him every day for her…

  2. We are thankful to have you as a friend, and while I agree with the whole post, I want to second that part about the wine.

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