What I did today


Okay, I’m being brutally honest with this post.  Things were getting out of control, to say the least.  I couldn’t even walk into the guest room anymore.   Books, clothes, baby things, not to mention all the boxes that the exhibit pieces were packed in were all on the bed and overflowing onto all flat surfaces.  Funny how they all seemed to accumulate in the entryway too, so that I had to tiptoe my way into the room zigzagging through all the clutter.  Yes, very pitiful. 

In addition, in the master bedroom, another disgusting bit of clutter was happening.  Twice a year I change over my wardrobe.  So I had dragged out all the boxes with my winter clothes, and have been living out of those since the weather change.  Then not wanting to put my summer clothes away, I was stacking those on the dressers and chair awaiting the switch. 

Well, today was the day to reclaim those two spaces as rooms not closets.  I was ruthless in getting rid of the extras.  I retired many of my favorite wardrobe staples….that light blue chenille sweater, the red striped ribbed tshirt….those who see me regularly know the ones.  And all those things that I looked at and said, ug…I don’t even want to look at this let alone wear it anymore, are gone.  I have another issue with the current clothes available at the stores. Tshirts are just the right length when I buy them, but wash and dry them once, and they turn into midriff tops…not good.  I know I am long wasited, but come on, start using better fabric that doesn’t shrink 20% in length.   A little shrinkage is expected, but that is ridiculous, the “too short” pile of shirts was substantial.  Okay, this has turned into a rant…I’ll stop now.  Does anyone else have this shinkage problem? 

This photo does not do justice to the pile stacked on the front porch.  It is much larger than it appears.  I wonder if the IRS would accept this photo as proof of my charitable donation:


And this does not include the bags of books in the back of my car to take to the library.  Where does all this stuff come from?  Unbelievable.   But what a great sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction knowing that all this unused stuff is going off and hopefully be appreciated by someone else.

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  1. I have given dozens of pants and jeans and shirts to charity because of lengthwise shrinkage. I can’t remember to pull out stuff to dry flat. That’s why I’ve been wearing so much Lands’ End the past few years, they don’t shrink. I wish the colors and styles were a little brighter and prettier. I could use a couple tone on tone prints.

  2. BTW- i forgot to add. I wash and then put my tops in the dryer on AIR to get out the wrinkles then hang them to dry. Works well. Last week I think was the first time I forgot to flip the switch on the dryer and some of my new (of course) tops shrunk (lenght wise too). Anyhow, I re-washed them and then stretched them and hung them to dry after I removed them from the AIR dryer (this time) and they are back to normal…Gosh was I happy that this worked! Might try this…it worked for me.

  3. Deb–our front porch looks the same way! Full of white bags and things to give to the Veterans. I hope someone gets as much use out of them that I did. My cloths in these bags are many many years old, as I am too cheap to buy new each year, but this year after loosing 20 lbs. I need to celebrate and get some new cloths! And, Bill’s bags have shirts etc. with tags on them that have been in the closet for YEARS! How shameful I feel! Now I pray that they do not forget us and come and get these bags!! Keep warm Deb–I have been thinking of you lot’s. Sue

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! My post today is of the same tell tale bags!! Did we have some sort of Vulcan mind-meld thing going on???

    I felt SO much better after dropping all the stuff off to the clothes closet at the BSF church. I prayed that everything would get to the ones who had the particular need. God did the prompting and He will take it from there!

    Can I just say here, I am also TIRED of all the shrinkage! I did find some VERY long plain, long sleeved t-shirts that I wear under things, at Target. I can give you the brand if you need it. Mossimo or Cherokee.
    It helps out very nicely to cover the too much skin/impressive amount of exposed panty issue from the low jeans thingy as well 🙂

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