Where I Stand Sunday


Save the Cannas!

Really this is alot to go through every year.  These giant 5-6 foot plants need to be chopped down, their tubers dug, and left to dry.  For every tuber that is planted in the spring, we dig up a giant mass that is at least 4x as large.  Here is the heap that Jeff dug up and left to dry:


I do hate to see them go to waste. So the next step is to winterize them by layering them in boxes, not touching each other, with sawdust as the packing material:


Every year I have more to save.  They are starting to expand exponentially….yes, they are.   Now some years, during the learning process, they rotted out during the winter so I was  glad to have extra.  But, now, we have it down…place them in cardboard boxes, or paper grocery bags…anything that will let them breath as opposed to plastic garbage bags.  To further complicate matters, I have started to grow different varieties of cannas…so they each need their own labelled storage container.  I’d say we had a couple hundred pounds of cannas saved this year. The half dozen boxes and bags are then hauled down to an enclosed area of the basement that stays about 50 degrees which is just about perfect for these tender tubers. 

In the spring, all the work is so worth the effort.  These wonderful plants grow tall, strong and beautiful for the entire summer.  And best of all they are free!  At that time of year, I appreciate not having to pay for planting materials…plenty is going out already.

And at 7:15PM, there was this:



I was taught that if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all…so

Its pretty isn’t it.

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  1. Man, you are dedicated gardeners!
    Yeah, I haven’t mentioned the weather in my blog yet because I’m having trouble saying something nice.

  2. I was taught that as well. It is very WHITE

    That is a lot of work for the tubers. Do you have a picture of what they look like growing? They must be some kind of special!!

  3. We have only a dusting of snow on the dirt. The rest melted as it fell. Looks pretty from a distance.

  4. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… yep, sure is pretty… hope those cannas were safely in the basement before 7:15!

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