Someone must have pulled the cord


that made the leaves drop off the purple beech, in a matter of hours it went from fully clothed in brilliant color to this:


Controlled chaos. 

I have my own version of controlled chaos going on: 


About 150 different fabrics.  All in red, gold, brown, black, and grey.  I’ve been at this a while, but have really made good progress lately.  Its paper pieced, a meditative process…soothing sewing.  Right now I’m working on the 120 different zigzag crescents that seem to circle throughout the pattern.  Anxious to get them all sewn because the next step is designing the layout.  I’ve felt blind, sewing all these fabrics together but not knowing how they will all mix together.  It will be a surprise, just hope its a good one. 


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  1. Hey Deb! That was the first quilt I ever made! It took me six years but it’s now proudly hanging on my living room wall (I’m sure you’ve seen it.) I LOVE that pattern.

  2. Can’t wait to see it completed!
    Most of the trees on our street are bare. Except our two Bradford pears, just starting to turn.

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