Opening Night at the Gallery


We had a wonderful turnout at the reception for our group Running with Scissors’: Botany, Beyond Flowers exhibit.  The space was sparkling with our artwork, and most of the artists, their families and friends, and a few others.  As you enter the gallery entrance, this is what announces the show:


Well, I certainly hope we blow everyone’s mind about the definition of “quilting”.  I am glad the word fine art is also associated with our work. 

As you walk in the Greenmead leaves are front and center:





Here are most of our artists. I love that we were able to have this group photo!


From left to right:  Mary G, me, Cynthia(front), Joan(rear), Jackie, Linda, Lynn, Leann, Sidney, Mary D, Anne, Carol, and Ruth

I hope this is the first of many gallery shows for our group. 

I loved this night, so much because:

It was the culmination of almost two years of work for all of us, this was our first exhibit, we were well attended that first night, we have a good start on the sales of the Greenmead leaf 6×6’s, the exhibit space is wonderful, and we have an diverse group of very talented artists!  This is not your usual “quilt show”, we love and respect traditional quilting, and many of us do enjoy creating traditional quilts.  But this show is all about contemporary fine art, using fibers.  And the theme is near and dear to my heart….it celebrates this wonderful world, nature’s beauty, God’s creation. 

Don’t want to ruin the surprise of the exhibit by publishing too many images…hope you can go visit.

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  1. Well I hope you’ll post pics after the show is over since I can’t come!
    Congratulations to your whole group!

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