How to save your tomato seeds


I’ve had a request for instructions on how to do this.  Its kinda fun, in a science experiment sort of way.  But it certainly isn’t rocket science.  I use the best tomatoes…size, shape, color….pick them and let them sit until a little overripe.    But before they are too mushy, I cut off the top and squeeze the seeds into a glass bowl.  Of course all sorts of tomato juice and other matter will accompany the seeds.  Just leave it in there.  I add a little water…about 1/2 cup more or less, and cover the bowl and let it sit for a few days.  Watch and wait….soon it will look like this:

and this:

Are ya still with me???? 

Scim all this mold off, the good seeds will have sunk to the bottom of the bowl.  Pour off as much of the liquid as possible, and add more water and repeat until the liquid is clear water. 

I then pour the damp seeds into a coffee filter and set on the windowsill to dry.  Then I usually just label the filter, fold it over and staple it closed and toss it into a basket to wait for next spring.

I gave many plants away this spring, and have been getting feedback from way too many  that their plants didn’t produce any tomatoes.  I had 4 plants and had more tomatoes than we could ever use.  But I enrich the soil every year with compost, fresh good soil and peat moss.  I grow the plants in a raised garden bed, too.  Being a raised bed, it has excellent drainage but also dries out quickly.  So, I water almost daily.  And, lastly, its a very sunny location.   This is my recipe for a successful crop.

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  1. We had lots of tomatoes from the plants you gave us! I think I mentioned that they were mutants though! They looked like 3 grown together. Tasted good!

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