Take it Further-August


Right, August is long gone….but nonetheless I have worked on this challenge and have something to show you. 

This is the 8th month of the Take it Further Challenge  issued by Sharon from from one of my favorite blogs,  In a Minute Ago.  I have chosen to work with the color scheme she chooses each month.  Here is the pallette for August:

Circles have been my subject, and for August, I wanted to place the circles in a grid pattern, kind of like a patchwork pattern, but different.  I’ve also been doing some crazy piecing and got to thinking about using all the littlest wool felt scraps I have…..well the results are less than I anticipated but the idea has potential.  After all, this is all about making smallish pieces to experiment.  Risks are taken, ideas explored…and the end results are just the completion of a thought, idea.  Some are better than others….this is not one of my favorites.  I call it  “12 baskets of laundry”…hehe….see what I mean:

Will have to try again….or not!

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  1. i love the autumn feel to this, Deb!

    But once you said the word ‘laundry’ i saw not laundry baskets but commercial dryers in a laundromat on a deep dark all hallow’s night with a Full moon! BOO!

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