Tailor’s quilt progress


Earlier this summer I introduced you to the wool Tailor’s quilt.  After procrastinating for all these months, I took a deep breath and cut into the quilt.  I cut about a 1/6th section out of it at a corner, that makes it a workable size of 24″ x30″.  Then cut the front and back apart giving me two pieces of patchwork. 

  I’ve chosen the upper one to work on.  Predominently golds, greens and a few purples thrown in.  The patchwork was interesting from the back, the seams were so raveled but the fabric was fresher looking in color and texture.  I was tempted to turn things upside down and make the backside the front. 

But what changed my mind was this stain:

When I looked more closely at it, and then placed my hand over it, its identity was known….a long fingered hand reaching reaching out from the past.  Hmmmm, must somehow make a connection.

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