Where I Stand Sunday


Our asphalt driveway looks like the earth right now….dry, cracked, thirsty.  The grass is yellow, plants wilt throughout the day.  Its been hot this weekend, sunny and hot.  We need a good rain, please, pretty please. 

Today I was so happy to have most of my family over for brunch.  We made blueberry pancakes from the wild blueberries I picked while up north.  

Jeff has been working on a tractor every spare minute this weekend, and before…its a Massey Harris 1953.  It had been buried amongst the weeds at an old farm.  He has repaired, painted and polished…and its so sexy now!  He is giving it to the Teej and Amber to use at the horse farm.  So its not just another pretty face, it will be put to good use.  What a Dad!

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  1. WOW, the tractor sure looks different from a couple of weeks ago!
    BFG looks like a little boy with a cool new toy!

    I just saw we are supposed to have rain on Wed. and Thurs. They have teased us before tho!

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