Revisiting New Year’s Resolutions



This year is rushing by.  When the kids were young, the start of school was the time for new beginnings, a new year for me too.  So when my SIL Lisa brought up something today….she reminded me of my New Year’s Resolutions, I thought I would go back and look at what I said, and how well I’ve done. 

Here they are, just 3…shouldn’t have been too hard to keep them:

 1. Spend time developing imagery inspiration-this means photos, drawing, painting, collage.  This also means looking closely at the world….also making a mess, sometimes.  Very enjoyable activities, why do I find them so hard to accomplish?  There always seems to be something more important to do, but really its just procrastinating or avoiding using brain cells… 

Well, I haven’t done too well on this.  Bad wording, should have made a more specific goal.  I am always amazed at what a daily commitment can accomplish.  A design journal page a day, whether collage, photo with stitch ideas, a drawing, etc.  This would produce a phlethra of ideas, for both mosaic and embroidery.  Can  I do it, don’t know, but I can try. 

2.  Stop the “one hit wonders”–the “one of a kinds” that are not connected to any other work.  These type of works take ALOT of energy, and the payoff is limited.  A better solution is to get on a roll, have the next piece be a development of the previous one.  Not necessarily working in a series, but sticking to an idea, medium, etc in order to develop a level of mastery.  Requires focus, commitment….and blinders- to stop being lured by all the cool things others are doing and wanting to try them for myself.  

I have been pretty good at this, this year.  Yes, mosaicing was a total surprise…but I couldn’t resist and am glad I didn’t.  Will continue to work at that on a limited basis.  I have explored machine and hand embroidery almost exclusively this year….just wish I would have done more.  Find the time, again, to work at it a little every day.  Keep plugging away. 

3.  Sense of adventure…keep the curiousity going, see, hear, appreciate all the wonders that can so easily go unnoticed.  And then document them (see #1).

I have started carrying my camera around every day.  Now to just stop and take an image or two every day would be perfect.  Taking the time, not just rushing through the day….powerful ritual to make each day memorable. Yes I want to do this.  The photo is the perfect example.  My niece, Krystyn, took this in downtown Detroit.  Will always remember that day, we had such an adventure just wandering and looking.

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  1. Ahhhh, new beginnings!

    You do alright Girl, you do alright
    Everything you make is LOVERLY! In any medium.

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