Where I Stand Sunday


It was a busy day today, helping Steph and Derek clean and paint at their new homestead.  I call their new place the Farm….because its on Farmington Road, and because Derek has acquired this to cut his grass: 

Isn’t it pretty!!!!

We returned from the Upper Peninsula yesterday, had a week of just about perfect weather.   I kept busy picking wild blueberries from among the pines.  Brought some home for a Sunday blueberry pancake breakfast, which is everyone’s favorite.  Yum!

Took lots of walks with Marlo…this is what she generally looked like the whole week:  Wet, tired, but happy.

Us girls went to Marquette one day, mom had a doctor appointment but we also enjoyed lunch and some shopping.   From left to right:  My niece, Kristin from Albequerque, SIL Patt, Sil Laurie (Kristin’s mom) and Mominlaw.

We also celebrated Mom’s 87th birthday.  Last year was a pretty rought year for her, a heart valve replacement, pacemaker, and a long recuperation.  But this year she is doing much better…..here’s proof

The week went by sooooo quick, too quickly.  But it was alot of fun and rest and relaxation too.

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  1. Look at EEEK go! What a woman!

    This must be where Capri P had her “best macaroni and cheese ever”.

    I LOVE that picture of Marlo, what a precious Pooch-i-doo!

    Glad you are back, I missed your posts! See you Thurs.

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