Contemporary embroidery at its best



Presented with permission from Martha Fieber, please respect her copyright.

SMOKEY HAZE 2008Copyright Martha Fieber...presented with permission.

I met Martha Fieber over the 4th of July weekend at the Manistique Art Fair. She lives up north…in  the U.P., near our cottage.  We chatted a while, and she is such a nice person.   She and her husband are both artists.  Her husband, Leonard,  makes exquisite furniture from beaver chewed wood.  His website is Beaver Chew Furniture.  I also know her mom, her amazing mom, who has taught me to do some wonderful crafts…for instance, bleaching (okay, its really called fabric discharge), soap stone carving, and also coiled basketry.  But more about her mom (Carol) another time.  

Martha’s theme is the landscape.  Her work is entirely worked by hand, layer upon layer of stitches.  She uses only 4 types of stitches:  straight stitch, chain stitch, couching, and the french knot.  One example of her attention to detail is her use of silk ribbon, handpainted to portray the bark of a white birches, standing in a grove.  Her work makes the landscape so touchable and touching, that I feel a renewed reverance for natural world.   I want to walk in the landscape she has portrayed, to become a part of that beautiful world.  But then, I realize, I am a part of it, just look around with renewed vision.   Seeing a photo of her work is wonderful, but to see it in person was really special.  I could have talked with Martha and enjoyed her work all day long.  Perhaps you will be spellbound as I was when you visit her website:  Martha Fieber

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  1. Holy cow! Those are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing the link to her site, I bookmarked it so I can really study it.


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