Work in progress….


To all three of my loyal readers…I am really going to try to post more often.  You ask why?????

1.  So you know I just don’t sit and watch TV with my cat.

2.  To keep myself motivated to do my best work by having to post it here for your scrutiny.

3.  To keep myself making things, knowing I have to post regularly is motivating to me for some unknown reason. 

The “where I stand Sunday” has been (and will continue to be) alot of fun, and I have been reasonably consistent with it.  So with this success in mind, I am assigning myself Tuesdays and Thursdays also.  I am thinking that Tuesday will be “what I’ve done…works in progress”, and Thursday is open for “this and that”.   I need structure, so maybe this will help.  Sound good?  Of course, the mood may strike and I will post something everyday for a while, one just never knows….I am a capricious one. 

A peek at what I’ve been working on….flower girl dress for darling Nicole.

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  1. Good for you… and it didn’t even take BLACKMAIL for you to do it!! I’m looking forward to reading and seeing all of your projects.

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